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Printflow – CIP3

Introduction to Printflow: Is most flexible system market, especially in multiple press environments.For over quarter century they have been developing & manufacturing press interfaces for ink control consoles.Years of knowledge allow them to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art ink preset & color control systems into your pressroom,no matter the make or model of your press & ink control consoles. Thousands of presses worldwide have been integrated through Printflow solutions.

Pressman – Printflow business:
Pressman – Authorized Partner for Printflow .We have done many installations in machines like Heidelberg,Ryobi,Komori,Mitsubishi,Manroland,KBA etc.,

Why invest in Cip3:
In today’s competitive business environment there is an ever increasing need for more productivity, offering a rapid turnaround , while maintaining the highest level of color consistency. Printflow expands the benefits of cip3 compatibility & advanced closed loop color management.

1. Click of a button feeding is sent directly to motors.
2. Reduce wastage.
3. Particular color ink feeding can be increased.
4. Jobs can be saved & recall multiple times.

Why invest in Pressman:
We focus more on implementations and trainings for your team and we make sure that your team is self-suffice and we monitor your progress through our internal whatsapp group network. We are available to give you a remote support 24*7 and on-site support also (If required). Once you are associated with PressMan we make sure your print quality is our responsibility.

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Our existing customers:
1. Parksons Cartamundi – Vapi.
2. Galaxy – Ahmedabad.
3. Adline Printers – Ahmedabad.
4. Lakshmipriya – Sivakasi.
5. Ransan packaging – Chennai  etc.,

For more details please fill the enquiry form:

or contact:

Mr. Mustan

Product Manager – PressMan Solutions

+91-7823902591 // 9176553062

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