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CGS Oris – Color Tuner

About CGS

Established in 1985, CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH is a global leader in color management, digital proofing and specially formulated media. The aim of CGS is the development of powerful proofing and workflow solutions. For this, CGS has maintained long-term development partnerships with companies like Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard and Xerox. This guarantees that ORIS systems always benefit the most from the current developments in digital printing devices.

CGS is a world leader in digital proofing, color management system for digital machine.

Pressman – CGS Oris business?

PressMan is Authorised partner for CGS . We have done 2 road shows in Chennai in HP indigo machine on Extended Gamut.

Why invest in CGS  Oris Color Tuner?

Color is a main ingredient to run a successful print Marketing campaign. Accuracy of color reproduction can mean a difference between pass/fail of a campaign and product. With so many digital systems in place, still achieving color consistency everytime is not easy.

CGS has been in in Graphic arts industry for a quarter of century now. Investment in a robust system like CGS will always keep you ahead of the competition.

Why invest with Pressman?

PressMan Team always believe in partnership rather than a one time deal. We work very closely with our clientele to make sure they hit the target everytime.

We focus more on implementations and trainings for your team and we make sure that your team is self suffice and we monitor your progress through our internal whatsapp group network. We are available to give you a remote support 24*7 and on-site support also (If required). Once you are associated with PressMan we make sure your print quality is our responsibility.

Intro to Oris Color Tuner:

Are you still struggling to match Proof to print? Its time to change…


Primary benefits:

1. Easy to use drag & drop functionality.

2. Supports offset, flexography & Gravure printing.

3. Supports Printer with white-ink technology.

4. Allows to produce high quality, contrast proof for flexible packaging on both clear & opaque substrates.

5. Can proof for both continuous tone & halftone.

6. Can also proof 1-bit files produced by RIP.

7. Can be used in a web-based environment that
provides color-matched job control and output anywhere in the world.

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