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Digital Nip Indicator

About Nip control:

The Nip Control goal is to make printing and converting companies even more efficient through improved and assured nip control.

Nip Control is the worldwide specialist of hand held high-precision nip measuring instruments.

Pressman – Nip indicator business

PressMan is Authorised partner for Nip Control for many years.

Why invest in Nip Indicator?

  1. Precise digital measurements.
  2. Quicker make-readies.
  3. Eliminate human error and operator judgements.
  4. Easy to use, One button operation

Why invest with Pressman?

We always believe in partnership rather than a one time deal. We work very closely with our clientele to make sure they hit the target everytime.

We focus more on implementations and trainings for your team and we make sure that your team is self-suffice and we monitor your progress through our internal whatsapp group network. We are available to give you a remote support 24*7 and on-site support also (If required). Once you are associated with PressMan we make sure your print quality is our responsibility.

For more details please fill the enquiry form:

or contact:

Mr. Mustan

Product Manager – PressMan Solutions

+91-7823902591 // 9176553062

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