GTI D50 Lights

About GTI

GTI is a global leader in designing and manufacturing tight tolerance lighting systems for color matching, color viewing and color communication applications. All products are tested and engineered to meet the specifications of the customers. They are also responsible for designing of light booths and consols for many leading OEM(original equipment manufacturers) of printing machines according to their specifications.

Pressman – Graphiclite business

PressMan is Authorised partner for GTI Graphiclite.

Why invest in Graphiclite D50?

When any sample is viewed, the color we see is a result of the color quality of the light source and the reflective characteristics of the item. As a result, when attempting to achieve an accurate color match, colors can appear to match under one light source and then appear significantly different under another light source. Therefore, designers, brand owners, and production staff should all evaluate a color under a consistent light source.

ISO has defined D50 as standard lighting condition for Graphic arts industry.

Why invest with Pressman?

We always believe in partnership rather than a one time deal. We work very closely with our clientele to make sure they hit the target everytime.

We focus more on implementations and trainings for your team and we make sure that your team is self-suffice and we monitor your progress through our internal whatsapp group network. We are available to give you a remote support 24×7 and on-site support also (If required). Once you are associated with PressMan we make sure your print quality is our responsibility.

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