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Kodak Pre-Press Workflow Solutions

Kodak is a Industry leader in graphic arts segment and recently it celebrated 20 successful years of its prinergy workflow solutions. Kodak was instrumental in giving the gift of film technology to Graphic arts industry.

Pressman – Kodak business

PressMan is Authorised partner for sales and training of Kodak Pre-Press Workflow solutions.

Why invest in Kodak?

Kodak is the most widely used Prepress workflow Solution. It offers the most secure way to work and backs up your data in real time. With kodak workflow you are one step closer to automation and increased efficiency at every step.

Why invest with Pressman?

We have a dedicated team of Prepress trainers available to assist you and train your operators to make them self-sufficient and to implement all the trainings in real time jobs. We are available to give you a remote support 24*7 and on-site support also (If required)

Product: Kodak Preps imposition software

Imposition is at the heart of off-set production costs – affecting throughput, material usage, and labor. Take control with KODAK PREPS Imposition software – the leading solution for error-free impositions and one of the most widely used tools in the printing industry.

Advantages and key features:

-Reduced cost and cycle real time with auto step and repeat.

-Increase productivity and cost control with advanced automation

-Maximizes press sheet usage

-Get more control and flexibility on your impositions

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