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Pressman Print Quality Management Club

Exclusive program for existing & new Pressman Solutions Clients.

Enrol into PQM Club and help yourself to distinguish your print quality stand apart from competition. Take advantage of Pressman- your Print quality partner.

1.Do you want your print quality to stand apart from your competition?

2.Aren’t you happy with your quality and consistency?No worry, We are just a visit away to correct it.

3.If your investment with Pressman Products under utilised? We are just a call away for re-training and set up.

What you get in this PQM Package?

  • PQM + Colour + Process control trainings to operators is done as first step. Educational posters , workflows , SOP, checklists are displayed at appropriate places for daily reference. Appointment of PQ project Manager and team will be deputed for daily monitoring and reporting.
  • Press calibration to G7 for one press-one substrate- one prepress specifications. additional substrates , machines, days of man work will be charged reasonably.
  • Monthly remote PQ management with all collected samples. Our Evaluation centre will send you monthly report based on sample verification.
  • Every 3 Months one half a day onsite on job calibration , PQM & Process control analysis and corrections will be done.
  • 50% Discount for our E-Library Access to your factory @ INR.12500 for 1 year.
  • All existing products purchased from Pressman Solutions will get 1 year unlimited remote support (10AM-6PM – Mon-Friday).No onsite visit is done , Product updates / upgradation excluded.
  • Complimentary and exclusive dial-a -support for your daily trouble shooting process through video conferencing with our experts.
  • VIP gate-pass for all our e-learning/ TechTalks sessions. Just click and join the event. This also includes a reminder 30-45 mins before the event.
  • 50% Discount for our online courses.

The Annual PQM package is Just INR.75,000+ 18% GST.

Pressman Clients can take this package at 50% Discounted fee. All in one package @ just INR.37500 +18% GST per Annum.

Currently this package is not open for printers who never bought any software or hardware from Pressman Solutions. If interested let us know. We will get back to you on this.

You Print and we monitor your print quality.

Our Pressman PQM Centre for Print evaluation and validation will remotely monitor and support your print crew to make a quality and consistent prints.

1. Trainings

PQM – Color – Process Control

PQM Program starts with a operator training session about process control which covers about dampening solution, rollers care, blanket, pressure, zero settings, climate, colour viewing light etc., second training session includes about colour and colour measurement process, ISO / G7 specifications, dot gains and gray balances. third training will cover about PQM where how this two process control and colour measurement comes together for print approval process.

This Training sessions will have practical sessions and a examination to evaluate the operators.

2. Print G7

Set Standard – Calibrate to G7 / ISO Specifications

Our Print Experts will visit your site for calibrating your Printing machine to G7 /ISO Specifications for different substrates. We will calibrate the machine and review it every month . Printers should send their random samples every month to our office . we will check and provide monthly printability reports. Once in 3 months, our experts will visit your site and revalidate and correct calibration if necessary. So PQM Team will manage your calibration throughout the year.

3. PQM Monitoring & Reporting

Measure – Compare with standard – Analyse the values- Report

Our PQM-Team will receive the printed samples from the members. They will measure and study the measurement datas and provide feedback to the members . This feedbacks will be provided by reports emailed to them.

4. Print Production

Just follow the standard protocols for every job

Printers should just follow the standard protocols regarding process control, material quality checks, matching colours in every job with respect the print standard. Keep collecting random samples for each job and every job.

5. Review calibration

Onsite review of calibration – PQM-Process control

Our Print Expert will visit onsite to review the calibration done, process control documents etc., This verification will be done on LIVE jobs. After validation, the calibration chart will be displayed on the printing machine.

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Are you a Pressman Solutions client?

If you bought any software or hardware from Pressman, then you are about to hit a Jackpot. This PQM is mainly developed to help Pressman clients to help them effectively utilise the technology you invested with Pressman.

Contact us:

Pressman PQM is in association with PAPER – Pressman Academy for Print Education & Research & Pressman – Centre for Print Excellence based out of Chennai, South India.

Emails: / 7823902591.

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