Anything that can be done with a densitometer can be done with a spectrophotometer; but the reverse is not true. Densitometers are good at checking density on process colors but they actually don’t see colors at all. Spectral data is extremely valuable for anyone in the printing trades because it gives great guidance on things like whether it is possible to hit a color with the current ink mix, or predicting how the color will look under different lighting.

Spectrophotometer data is the DNA of color and can capturing the target color DNA at the point of approval. For example, if a printing company measures a standard when the operator knows that it is right, the company will no longer have to worry about standards fading, working out data prints, or finding the signed off copy in that overstuffed filing cabinet

Introduction to Techkon:
Techkon is a leading manufacturer of color measuring technology for the printing industry since 35 years.

Pressman – Techkon business:
PRESSMAN-Authorized Partner for Techkon for last 1 year.We have done many installation from ink kitchen till Press production & QC approval.

Why invest in Techkon:
The key to good printing is quality assurance.Checking & measuring each & every process step from pre-press to final product lead to success.

Why invest with Pressman:
Pressman focus more on implementation & training of Techkon Spectrophotometers.The team of qualified Engineers who supports you & your team to achieve your desired target with minimal wastage in production.

We also take session on Spectrometry & self evaluation before implementation of spectrophotometer.

Internal whatsapp group will be created to address your print related quality issues & visit onsite if required.

Techkon Models:
1. Basic
2. Advanced
3. Premium

Basic Model:
Have option to measure only on density mode.Other options available such as dot area,dot gain,ink trapping,SCTV,Expresso mini trend function etc.,
Preferred for Commercial Printer.

Advanced Model:
Same functions as basic model in addition Lab option is an advantage . Various options available such as Lab+Density, G7 short scan, Memory capacity of 3000 sample values & 300 reference values.
Preferred for QC check & ink manufacturers.

Premium model:
Same functions as Advanced model & additionally Ugra/Fogra media wedge evaluation(short scan),Pass/Fail tolerance,Opacity, OBA check etc.,
Preferred for Packaging printers.

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